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The children of the orphanage in Eliya Tagalle are very happy that you found this site!The association Eliya orphanage eV (= "lights" in Sinhala Language), based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and a group in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, have made it since its inception in 2008, the task in a rural area build near Tangalle a children's home and run to the impoverishment of children counteract rising in inhumane conditions.

 The Children's Home in Sri Lanka by the association Eliya Orphanage Association, the initiative - supported under the auspices of the Prime Minister Kurt Beck, the intern, your donations and sponsors many "Germany Land of Ideas".Furthermore you can find the news, information about the work of our interns and of course lots of pictures and activities of our children.

Newsletter October 2015

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Newsletter March 2013


New “Water House”

New Kitchen in Use

Eliya Full with 32 kids!

Kurt Beck to Remain Eliya’s Primary Patron

The Eliya Children´s Home is now fully booked with 32 boys!

But whether we have two more or two less makes no difference!


It’s so great now that the extension of

„Eliya´s Palatine Kitchen“ is complete and

in use since March 6th!

Our gang of “Little Rascals” and their advisors are

hungry three times a day and they eat a lot!

Among other things, we consume the following daily:

13 kg rice, 11 kg fresh vegetables,

10 coconuts, ½ l coconut oil, and

1 kg powdered milk.

(Presently the two Eliya cows are pregnant

and don´t produce any milk!)

Especially Thawsi (almost 10 years-old) and small-Ranjith (almost 8 years-old), the two newest Eliya boys can certainly eat their fill! Both boys ate only one meal per day with their single mother (a tea picker in the highlands)!

Long awaited, and finally here – the lice on the children´s head! However the “beasties” have no chance due to the efforts of the student intern team and the home parents who are fighting against the bothersome plague! 

It was planned for Eliya to accommodate handicapped children. However, this won’t happe, as the social welfare office has decided to accommodate these children in separate homes, where they can live and be provided for throughout their lives.


The application for support from the State of Sri Lanka has been filed, and will in all probability be approved. Eliya will receive a small amount each month for each child. Also, Eliya will eventually receive funds for annual renovations.

At this time however, we still rely on donations! Well, dear Eliya members, friends and godparents, please continue your generous donations!

The Eliya swarm of children, our team of six locals, and the „Loku Madam“ (Angelika) together with her husband Ranjith, thank you heartily !



We would also like to say thank you very much for all the donations for the water cistern! Especially to Annette Brummer who has, together with her mother, provided a very generous donation! Great!

The original plan for a below-ground water tank has been reconsidered for hygienic reasons and its potential complicated care. So now it will be a “Water House”!

Three big water cisterns, each with a capacity of 5250 liters, have already been bought. And the construction of the structure which will house them is in full swing! Very soon the Eliya boys can shower regularly. Right now we are having a dry period and a water deficiency because of inadequate water pressure from the main pipe.

Eliya Kindergarten
Eliya Kindergarten

Because of a nice donation from Kim Peatfield of England, the external walls of the Eliya Kindergarten are being beautified by images of flowers, palms and butterflies! Additionally, the donation will also be used to replace the dangerous barbed wire fence, which stood on the kindergarten playground, with a safety wall!

Thanks a lot!

banana plantage
banana plantage

Thanks also to Ilona of Kaiserslautern for the donation allowing the Eliya Fieldtrip to the Open House at the new airport at Hambantota! The trip, which took place on March, 7th, was a special experience for the boys, our locals, and the student interns!


The two student interns who have always resided free-of-charge at the Eliya Children´s Home have moved to another location so that their room could be used to accommodate other children.

The Maribu-Gardener’s room at the „Maribu Garden Bungalows“ Guesthouse (local branch of Ibis Guesthouse), only two minutes distance by foot to the Children´s Home, was renovated and now accommodates the student interns. Don´t worry, the gardener also has new sleeping accommodations!

It would be great if we could get enough donations for the Eliya hospital ward, so that we could build a sanitarium on the ground floor and a new student intern room on the second floor! (2nd is what we call it, EG is the first floor bei uns ;-) )


Home Uncle, Eliya gardener, and cook´s assistant, Gine together with cook Anoma have prepared our home-grown vegetables for the children’s meals and begun selling the extra on the market!

The storage of extra vegetables is not possible because of the local heat. But the banana plantation is thriving all the more in these conditions!

Another joyful message has reached us. Our former prime Minister of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Mr. Kurt Beck shall remain steadfast as a primary patron of Eliya!


Best regards and many thanks from Tangalle and the Eliya Children´s Home!


Recently the Eliya Children´s Home registered at betterplace.org— one of the most transparent online donation platforms in the world. For those so inclined, directed donations are possible through this site. Proceed to the following link and you will be on our page!





Eliya Kinderheim e.V.

Angelika Riedlinger



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with love
Newsletter February 2013
New School- and Kindergarten Year
Process of the Fruit- and Vegetablefields
Construction of the Eliya Fountain
Eliya water supply well
Move in of 12 new boys, the Eliya Children´s Home
is full!
Planning another projects: Eliya hospital ward and a
big belowground water tank
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Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Newsletter December 2012


Opening Ceremony of the Eliya Kindergarten

Annual anniversary of the Eliya´s Children´s Home

Eliya’s Tuck-Tuck Motorcar



The Eliya Kindergarten on the Temple grounds from Kapuhenwala / Marakolliya / Tangalle (only three minutes away from the Children´s Home), was ceremoniously opened on November 17th!

The Eliya boys and children from two nearby children´s homes as well as many villagers and friends were present – more than 100 people in all!

The opening and beginning of the Kindergarten year for the village and Eliya Children will be on January 6, 2013.


All of us from the Eliya Children´s Home, the Eliya boys, and the Temple monk want to thank the “A Heart for Children“ Organization for the generous donation towards the construction of the Kindergarten!

Additionally, many thanks go out for the helpful donation received from Holland, which provided for the painting of the Kindergarten! Thanks a lot!


And once again, Mrs. Peatfield from England sponsored a playground for the Eliya Kindergarten! This is wonderful!


The opening ceremony of the Kindergarten and the annual

anniversary of the Eliya Children´s Home were celebrated


Many thanks to all staff members in the Eliya Home, to all the people who donate time and money, and a special thank you to God who constantly blesses the Eliya project!

The registration of the “Eliya Foundation“ in Tangalle (Partnerclub to Eliya Kinderheim e.V. in Kaiserslautern) and the registration of the Eliya Children´s Home is complete!

We from the Eliya Family wish all our Eliya Children, all other poor and abandoned children in this world, as well as all our friends, Godparents and members, a blessed Christmas time and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of hope and love!


And of course, Eliya is always happy to receive your helpful donations – large and small!


Because, where love is, everything is possible!  


Below is the account information for your generous donations:


Donations Account: Eliya Kinderheim e. V.

Bank: Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern

Bank Routing Number: 540 502 20

Account Number: 516 989


For a donation from a foreign country (outside of Germany) please disclose the IBAN and the provided BIC-/SWIFT-Code to your Bank.




IBAN-Nummer:         DE89 5405 0220 0000 516989



Eliya Kinderheim e.V.

Angelika Riedlinger


Neues Tuck Tuck

tuck tuck
Tuck Tuck

The yellow Eliya Tuck-Tuck has been long sought after, purchased, and on November 19, 2012, finally delivered! Thanks a lot to the “Step by Step“ Foundation from Münster! Now it is much easier and cheaper to do bulk-buying and office courses.

New Fotos in September 2012


Newsletter September 2012


Eliya parliament-meeting

Eliya playground with fishpond

Reconstruction kindergarten

New House parents


Eliya bicycle



Eliya Children Home,

Kapuhenwala, Marakolliya, Tangalle,
Sri Lanka,

Tel.: 0094-(0)-777905480




The first Eliya Parliament meeting took place on August 4, 2012. Four Children-Ministers and a Child-President were elected.  Upul is the new Chickenminister (in charge of the chickens), Laksara the Freshminister (ensures enough soap is in the bathroom and the toothbrushes are neatly displayed), Tissara, the Lightminister (in charge of saving electricity), Satchin, the Waterminister (in charge of the waterfilters and the proper maintenance of the toilets) and Laksara, the President (in charge of keeping a watchful eye on all the minsters)!


All Eliya Children and the Eliya Team are very happy about the new playground sponsored by Mrs. Peatfield from England, who wants to make the kids happy and commemorate her daughter who died during the Tsunami of 2004 in Tangalle. Thank you very much to all those who so generously donated, and to Mr. Jon, who ordered  and took delivery of the swing, the teeter-totter, the slide, the monkey bars, and the carousel. 


Additionally, many thanks to Mrs. Levis from England, who donated the money for 13 bicycles for the Eliya boys!  Mr. Jon was also instrumental in the organisation of their delivery  – many thanks!


Many thanks go out to the Organisation “A Heart for Children,” who, through their generous donation, made possible the construction of the new Kindergarten on the Temple grounds near the Eliya Children’s Home, and which was prior to this, on the verge of collapse.  The demolition of the original structure has been conducted and the reconstruction is in full swing.  Soon the Eliya Kindergartners, together with children from the village, can attend a Kindergarten which is close-by.


Thanks a lot to Mr. Sepp K. from Germany,

who donated the funds for a complete

computer system with all the accessories! Now                 

we can finally make our own copies and print our

own letters!


And many thanks to all the generous people who support the Eliya Children‘s Home with monetary donations of all sizes.  Your generous contributions enable the Eliya Children’s Home to pay for electricity, water, gas, and groceries.  Many Thanks – and keep it up!


Sadly we had to say farewell to our “old“ Homeparents and cook, but want to welcome our new Home-Mother-Father-uncle-Team in Eliya, which live and work in part-time since the middle of July and in part since the middle of August in Eliya: Pramoja, the new Homemother (32 years young); Gine, the new Homeuncle (58 years), Cook and gardener, and Ranasingha (54 years), the new Homefather and teacher.  



New Eliya Homemother Pramoja

Best regards from Tangalle, from the great Eliya boys, our competent team of locals, our German student interns, and Angelika!


Below is the account information for your generous donations:


Donations Account:  Eliya Kinderheim e. V.

Bank:  Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern

Bank Routing Number:  540 502 20

Account Number:  516 989


For a donation from a foreign country (outside of Germany) please disclose the IBAN and the provided BIC-/SWIFT-Code to your Bank. 




IBAN-Nummer:         DE89 5405 0220 0000 516989




Eliya Kinderheim e.V.

Angelika Riedlinger



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